This is a new corgi version of the classic 'idle clicker' genre.

Nothing special, just a fun little game.

Goal: Earn enough treats to upgrade your "Doghouse" all the way up to "Planet Loaf!"

All sprites were grabbed off Google Image search and then modified in Adobe Illustrator during the MerryCorgsmasGameJam.

Music: "Calmer Times" by Eric Matyas --


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Can't play... nothing happens after loading I'm afraid.

strange. It seems to be working just fine on my end. I even tested it with someone else's laptop. Are you using chrome as your browser? Do you see the game? Are you in full screen mode or not (I recommend not)?

This is on Linux. Turns out Firefox works. Chrome does not (chrome works with other webgl games on itch so far though). Oh well, workaround found :)